Thursday, January 31, 2013


~and other things that are not being finished~
a startling report by Chloe

Well, folks, it seems as though the world is conspiring against my finishing the novel I started back in November.

I apologize, that is a bit of a hasty thing to say. In fact, I'm merely unable to type with ease, thereby hindering my ability to write efficiently. Why, you ask?  Well, because one of my beloved siblings has spilled Doctor Pepper all over the keyboard, and now bits and pieces of it are refusing to work.

I didn't like Doctor Pepper to begin with, but this was the last straw.

On the bright side, now I have a plausible excuse to procrastinate. Wait, is that actually a bright side? I have yet to decide.

This blog post took me a full fifteen minutes to write, which may not seem like a lot of time but trust me, it is. Normally I can write an entire sermon about something in fifteen minutes. Le sigh.

And now, off to find excuses to not draw! I take my bow and exit...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New and improved, slightly less incomplete character list!

And it even has its own page! There shall be much rejoicing. Visit it here: CLICK
Actually, it's mostly for me, though. Haha.

At last count: 290 Characters are on the page.
Not looking forward to counting again. It takes so long, even using the best tech I can find! :P

Friday, January 18, 2013


Started figuring out what I'm doing with my main New Years Resolution (i.e. write and illustrate entire graphic novel/comic thing) and subsequently filled pages of paper with sketches and studies. This is only a tiny portion of the stuff I've drawn. But you know, practice makes perfect! (I hope.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have been continuing to enjoy my new-found love, the sepia brush inking pen, in the rare times when I take a break from my sign-painting duties and NaNoWriMo novel finishing. (FYI, I only made it about halfway through my plot by the time I reached my 50,000 mark: I'd apparently not realized exactly how many words I'd be using for world-building and planned far too much in-between stuff.)

This is Constantine. He's from my novel, which is a massively retold bunch of fairytales melded together and thrown into a world filled with civil strife. He's the beast from Beauty and the Beast. Mostly I just wanted to draw something on my watercolor paper.
Now... I am off to stop procrastinating! I shall finish my novel... if it is the last thing I do. Right after I eat a bowl of ice cream.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I keep forgetting I have a haiku blog, too.

With the dawning of a new year (and, of course, the pressure to announce corresponding resolutions) I was meandering around my email and blogger pages, looking for distractions. Of course, I found one, in the form of my own long-forgotten haiku blog.

 Chloe's 100 Haiku blog

Like the goofball I am, I was going strong with these until about July, when I apparently had my first senior moment (senior as in high school senior) and my entire memory of my project was wiped from my brain.

Ah, well, that's okay. Better late than never, I suppose! 

Chloe recently discovered she loves:

Brush inking pens. I can't believe I never realized how amazingly fun they are to use.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

More December Drawings

My character Leo... the writing on the side is a "guide to surviving Leo during the holidays" with helpful tips like "don't let him have sugar because he's hyper enough already". Tried to do him in my cartoony style.

Drew this on 12/12/12, hence the date in the corner. Practiced coloring. That girl has one terrible paper cut... I was watching Star Trek while coloring and got a bit distracted.


Finally did the "Draw This Again" meme, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

In our youth, my friend Charlotte and my sister and I all loved our webkinz to bits. This is Charlotte's raccoon and my white terrier, a happy married couple, as humans.

And finally, happy (belated) holidays to you all! I drew this while suffering from a splitting headache and watching football with my grandfather (I will never understand that game) which is why there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to his sweater. Sigh.

Happy 2013!

I rang in the new years with a Doctor Who marathon and (slightly cold) spaghetti... altogether quite an enjoyable way to celebrate, if you ask me.

last drawing of 2012

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! (sorry for not posting, I'm a dud blogger and I had a fever and a cough and spent most of Christmas break trying not to fall asleep and miss the excitement.)

Oh, and obligatory list of New Years' resolutions:

  1. write and illustrate an entire graphic novel. I don't even care if its terrible I just wanna do it.
  2. actually that's my only resolution at the moment. I never resolve myself until about January 15th. Maybe I should resolve to stop procrastinating on this kind of time stuff.
  Now I guess I'm off to do.... something of worth, hopefully. :D