Friday, October 17, 2008

My silly animals!

Something Else, the strange cat who looks like he escaped from a computer game! (I think he is the former pet of a mad scientist.)

Rupert and Ruby Nugget! This two-headed chicken always disagrees!

Welcome Pumpkin, the chubby autumn kitty!

And finally, Phantom, The American Ghost Horse!

Thanks for looking at this oh-so silly group! I hope you enjoyed looking at my silly creations!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Saint!

Did you know that instead of Halloween my family celebrates All Saints' Day? Yes, and I'm going to dress up as St. Scholastica! (hope I spelled that right) She's a nun, and the twin sister of St. Benedict, the monk and hermit! Ben's going to be St. Benedict, so I'm his sis! Well, my costume is ready, so I can't wait for candy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Autumn Song

By Chloe (me)

The apples on the tree are sweet,
I go to parks, new friends to meet!
The leaves come down,
And the rose leaves town.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi! Yes, its about octopuses.

Hi! I put a video roll thingy about octopuses! This you-tube thing-a-ma-bob will change every now and then, so make sure to check it out often! Bye for now!

Octopuses again!

Hey, did you watch the video of the octopus I put a link to the other day? Well, If you didn't, you'd better, because this post is about that video. I think it is probably real. But, I have seen real videos of octopuses, so even if this one isn't real, the octopus is an incredible creature and you can't deny it. Well, anyway, watch that video, and then think about this. How on earth could that just randomly happen? Doesn't it look like an alien? What do you think about it? My answers to these questions are:
1.No way it could randomly happen!!! God made it!
2.Yes, it looks like a very strange alien, like an escapee from a science fiction movie!
3.I think it is COOL! And actually kind of cute! But that's just me. Hey, its actually my favorite

Well, that's my post for now!

Oh, and by-the-way, All Saint's Day is coming up, so be on the watch for a LOT of pictures of kids! (oops, did I say kids? I meant saints.) Bye for now!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Did you know that I hate math? Well, I do. Kiki hates it too. But if you look in our math notebooks you will see that it has "I love math" written all over it. Why? Because we are trying to brainwashing ourselves. Seriously! It would be so helpful to like it! But, as you can guess, it has not worked. Yet.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Pets of the Sunshiny household!

This is the Wild Cat that lives by our house.

This is Cleopatra, who we call Cleo. She bites, but I really like her.

This is Carmel, who is an Angora. She is very sweet and floppy.

This is Penny , who loves poppy, but no one else.

Ella, Allie's hamster got loose for a week, and was finally found a couple of days ago.

These pictures are of Fern, a sweet and playful cat

And... MY BIRDS! Well, the blue, yellow, and brown one is 1 third mine, and the blue one is totally mine. I spent my money on both of them, so I don't know how it came to be only 1 third mine. Well, anyway, I named them Tom Thumb and Thumbelina! Aren't they cute? OK, i know I'm going a little bonkers over them, so I'll end the post!

Bye! hope you enjoyed looking at our pets!

Friday, October 03, 2008


Hi! I found all these pictures that I took during the summer, so here they are!

We went to a "Grossology" exhibit at a museum, here is Ben playing a game there! (He hated the whole thing.)

Here is Anna Claire, she LOVED it!

Here is Allie, learning how food is digested,

and Ben and Allie learning why you burp. (Gross!)

Allie's birthday party!

Singing happy birthday!

Ben goofing around.

Katie the webkinz pug sporting a colonial outfit, made by me, even including a hoop thingy! (to hold your skirt up. Notice Christopher in the background, wearing a Pirates of the Caribbean Wig.)

Having a picnic in the Bruton Parish garden. (Sure hope I spelled 'Bruton' right!)

Walking Buddy and Misty on the beach. (They are shelties.)

Paw-prints of Buddy in the sand.

Michaela being silly.
A bear at the natrual bridge.

The happy wedding of the Hoppers, some paperdoll bunnies!

Hope you enjoied my pictures! Bye!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Octopuses again!

Hey, my Poppy came across this incredible video of an octopus.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Hi! Did you know today is the first day of October? That means fall! I love fall! Don't you? The leaves are so pretty, and you get to rake them, and you get to carve pumpkins, and play outside because the weather is perfect! Yes, I like fall.

Also, on October 4 we celebrate St. Francis of Assisi, So I will have a cool post for people who like animals!

And last, please notice that I added a book list! This book list will change each month, and I will continue adding books on all October. Bye!