Friday, October 03, 2008


Hi! I found all these pictures that I took during the summer, so here they are!

We went to a "Grossology" exhibit at a museum, here is Ben playing a game there! (He hated the whole thing.)

Here is Anna Claire, she LOVED it!

Here is Allie, learning how food is digested,

and Ben and Allie learning why you burp. (Gross!)

Allie's birthday party!

Singing happy birthday!

Ben goofing around.

Katie the webkinz pug sporting a colonial outfit, made by me, even including a hoop thingy! (to hold your skirt up. Notice Christopher in the background, wearing a Pirates of the Caribbean Wig.)

Having a picnic in the Bruton Parish garden. (Sure hope I spelled 'Bruton' right!)

Walking Buddy and Misty on the beach. (They are shelties.)

Paw-prints of Buddy in the sand.

Michaela being silly.
A bear at the natrual bridge.

The happy wedding of the Hoppers, some paperdoll bunnies!

Hope you enjoied my pictures! Bye!