Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Doodle dump...

I am LOVING my Prismacolors. :D

Oops... I drew him last week. Maybe I'll redraw him with my new markers. ;)

A drawing of a person drawing...

SIBLINGS. The guy's shirt is a joke between me and my own sister, Kievan. ;)

A random person. I've probably been watching too much NCIS. ;)


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas peeps!

Well, last night was Christmas Eve, and my family and our friends celebrated with a mixture of Asian and Italian foods. It was awesome. This morning we opened presents, watched movies, ate egg-biscuit thingies, and played with our new toys. I myself have spent the last hour coloring trading cards with my new Prismacolor markers (see below), and I've changed my outfit about five times. XD

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

La la la la la...

I must admit, I stole the picture below from myself because it is actually fairly relevant. XD

SO. THE NEWS. I have given up computer! Shocking, I know, but I've been without it for about four days and I just feel so free. I'm very happy. :)

So. Goodbye for now, my friends. :D

Thursday, December 08, 2011

301rst Post!

So, my friends, this is my 301rst post on this blog. Is that some kind of milestone? I dunno, but I guess it should be. :D

In cellebration (I guess...) I shall post this poem I wrote. It is supposed to be a self portrait, but I somehow blended fairy tales into it too. Not sure how that happened, but I'm pretty proud of it anyway. ;)

Here 'tis:

there she lies
eternally cocooned in a
massive pile of blankets
(and books)
for all the world
like that princess
with her twenty-one matresses
and a bowl of
long-cold peas

she draws and reads
forgotten by the world
(except for the princes
who spam her blog)
she's more-or-less
in a tower
(the back room)
only her Mother Gothel is

a sleeping beauty
except, in truth,
she's not that beautiful
(the circles under her eyes
and greasy hair
steal much from
her appearance)
she dreams all day
as if the night was not

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Yay for titles, mouses, Christmas, Sushi the Wondercat, and NaNoWriMo editing.

A bit of an odd title, isn't it?

Ah, well, that is what has been on my mind. I have been inventing titles for my mystery novellas, probably because I have been stuck editing this November's story, which I have tentativly named "Roses are Red". It's a bit of a lame title, but oh well.

(look at my beautiful cover now! :D)

It has also snowed, which has caused srange reactions in both Sushi and my siblings. Sushi sits at the window, beating on it and mewing piteously (we've let him into the basement now) and my siblings run around screaming, "CHRISTMAS!!!"

Okay, they don't really, but they might as well be screaming, for all the rucus they're making about it.

(this drawing was drawn in the Hobby Lobby parking lot. It was raining, and the Bus broke down. So we sat there waiting, until finally my dad popped the hood and prayed over the battery. It started up. No joke.)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

December 1rst

Well, people, it is officially December 1rst! Everyone throw flowers and sing now!

Since you had to put up with my agonized posts about NaNoWriMo all last month, it may intrest you to know that I made my 35,000 words... in fact, I ended up writing 18 extra words! I have been gloating about it ever since, and am probably quite unbearable to live with at the moment.

And just to prove that I wrote all my words, here's my beautiful certificate saying that I won:

You may all applause now.

Well, good afternoon, readers! Remember only 24 days until Christmas! ;)