Saturday, January 04, 2014

lots of art, because I have not posted here in a good long while

One of my friends and I decided we were tired of never seeing each other's art (we are both a little bit less than adept at remembering to share our drawings) so we ended up making a pact to share with each other a sketch every single day. This has been carrying on for about two months now, and we have both drawn many things.

The latest thing we drew were these lads-- bored with the "draw whatever you want" rules, we decided to draw a private school boy every day for a week. Here are mine, all finished up:

And many more sketches, some decently alright, some rather terrible:

I have been drawing many faces (all with disproportionately small eyes) on the cardstock backs of my sketchbooks.

My friend requested I draw this one directly after I complained about how much I hated drawing hair.

I scanned each step on the drawing of this-- I ended up not really liking the final outcome, but I put enough work into it that now I must post it everywhere.

The above four were all experiments with oddly colored lineart-- I have now decided that bright pink lineart is my favorite lineart. It is so much fun to work with.

I drew this for a friend. I've recently discovered that blue ballpoint pen is extremely fun to draw with.

I also love my sepia brush pens. And drawing siblings.

Someone I knew needed some cheer-- original characters dressed as the Tenth Doctor always does the trick!

This is a character study for a kid in my graphic novel comic thing-- he might be my favorite character. He's taken me a long time to figure out, but he's now very fun to draw. 

I have been on a bit of a mythology kick, here's a gorgon lady. Snake hair is a ton of fun.

Watercolor paint is not my forte, but it is fun to use.

redraws of ancient cave scribbles

 The above three pictures are all various stages my comic project takes-- costume design and thumbnails, to be specific. Costume design has been terrifying. Picking out clothing is really hard, and then you have to remember crazy stuff like which side of the coat has buttons and which shoulder the backpack is on and what kind of collar the shirt has.

more doodles for more friends.

Another friend asked me to draw her a piratey woman, and I cheerfully obliged.

Superhero designs for a random story. Also, newscasters.

More superhero designs. (Actually, the skinny kid ended up being a super villain. I love stories with super people.)

That's about it, I suppose! Pretty much everything I've drawn in the past few months. And now I can stop feeling guilty about not posting here. :)