Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My bare feet kiss the ground with every footfall,
Joyous but bittersweet, my heart races,
I'm spellbound, my body heeding the earth's timeless call.
The awe all around me my longing embraces.

The wind pours through the moss,
Whispering, whispering. Talking to me.
Telling me secrets so very like candyfloss.
Worthless, useless, beautiful secrets. My key to set minds free.

Panting, I slow to a halt. The sunlight dapples the road behind me.
Shadows embrace the path before.
I know the road behind me, "I am safe." it guarantees.
But I choose to walk forward, and not bask in the light of the past. I am not afraid anymore.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ugliest Dog

This is kinda scary:

Quoting from the news:

"A Chihuahua's oddly curved back and legs and closed-up left eye earned the 4-year-old rescue dog top honours at the World's Ugliest Dog contest at a Northern California fair on Friday.

Sporting a grey, brown and black coat, Princess Abby Francis beat a rough-looking slate of candidates for the prize, including Pabst, a teeth-bearing boxer mix who won last year.

Princess Abby shivered in the cool breeze after her win Friday night while nestled in the arms of her owner, Kathleen Francis, who received a $1,000 check at the 22nd annual contest held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma.

The victory was a surprise to Francis.

“I don't think she's ugly at all,” she said. “I think she's the most beautiful dog.”

Francis says she adopted Princess Abby from her veterinarian about five months ago. This was the dog's first such contest since she was found running through the street.

Celebrity vet Karen “Doc” Halligan says the Chihuahua's problematic back, legs and eye may be due to being inbred.

“She's a poster child to spay and neuter your pets,” she said."

I think that this is scary and kinda funny. I guess that it is probably one of the few dogs to win that ISN'T a mexican hairless, though. Those things are just frightening!

So, anyway... I'm done :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly
By Victoria Forester

As tons of people like to quote, "The Girl Who Could Fly is the sweetest, oddest mix of Little House on the Prairie and X-Men." (Stephanie Mayer, author of Twilight)
I loved it, especially the characters. On shelfari (a social networking site revolving around books) I have persuaded several people to read it, all of whom loved the story and the characters, just as I did.

The story revolves around Piper McCloud, a young girl with an incredible power: she has the ability to fly. Piper lives in Lowland Country, and unfortunately, the neighboring people are afraid of her. So, as her mother and father really have no idea about flying, she decides to attend a top-secret, maximum security school for special children. Here she meets several interesting children: Daisy, who is super-strong, Smitty, who has x-ray vision, and most importantly, Conrad, who is the genius with a mean streak.

The school seems great! However, there may be several secrets that may change the way the children see it forever..... if they survive, that is....

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am sooooooooooooooooo hot, it's 100 degrees here! It's really bad, I sure hope the temperature doesn't go up as July and August come! Yipes!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sunburns :(

I got an AWFUL sunburn yesterday.... we slathered ourselves in defective sun-lotion.
I'm going to have to sue whoever made that stuff......

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wolf Haikus

Here's a pretty cool blog written from the view of a wolf, completely in haiku! :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010


I was bored, so I drew the top one, copying from this painting called "The Reader” by Fragonard.

An Observation:

Hey, I just studied the Iliad and the Odyssey in school, and I realized that the two stories had to be the inspiration for book 2 and book 5 of the Percy Jackson series!
Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters is pretty much the Odyssey modernized, and with new characters. Percy and his friends must sail through the sea and encounter Circe, Polyphemus, and Scylla and Charybdis. There is even the little part about stalling a wedding, using the weaving of a bridal train!
The final book of P.J. and the Iliad also share striking similarities, sometimes right down to the little details! I won't give any examples..... but let me just say some major plot pieces are stolen right from Homer's work!
I just thought that was really cool, for you Percy Jackson fans.....