Thursday, May 02, 2013

oh, a comment!

Zoe said...
Your comparisons are so cool - the ones where you compare the same drawing from different years. I just love to see how your style has changed. And the expressions, too! They keep getting more and more defined! 

First off, thanks, Zoe! Second of all, those comparisons are the most fun things to do, ever. I knew that one day it'd be handy to have all of my old drawing lying around my room. :D


I surpassed my 27,000 April word goal with a grand total of 27,032  (admittedly not very skillfully written) words and went on to ecstatically print out my finished 115-page-long first draft yesterday morning.

In other words, HALLELUJAH. I can get onto phase two now!

(and begin planning my November novel, ha.)

Also I drew this clothing reference for one of my characters in an online art group-- I have continued my drawing and procrastinating since April began. I really had honestly forgotten how wonderful I am at procrastinating when I'm supposed to be doing something else. I've managed to get myself hooked on a new TV show, doodled constantly, and learned to cook.

(Speaking of learning to cook, I'm still very bad at it, but that's okay. Maybe I'll post some of the things I've learned up someday-- I figured out how to make baking powder, sautee stuff, even get the onions so they don't make you cry. Hint: don't watch Doctor Who while chopping those things.)

Also, I think that's it.

I can't wait to begin editing my truly atrocious novel! No, really. I' going to give it a few days to sit, but then I'm taking a red pen to it. Hahahaha.
I can't wait.