Monday, November 28, 2011


So. As of late, I have been experementing a great deal with varios types of art... okay... digital art. ;)

I figured a lot of things about using my photoshop program and I am very proud of these...

This is the first one I tried. It is my character Eliot Hampton, who I actually like quite a lot.

This is my friend's character, Kay, who has a newfound obsession with evening dresses.

And this is another friend's character Melody Hinojosa, who loves band. I failed and didn't finish the flute, but other then that it looks good, I think. :)
(Also, I looked at about a million photo refrences and still managed to get the number of figers right. Oh, woe is me. :P)

And I've also been practicing *cough* writing *cough* romance. Yes, ROMANCE. Am I turning into some kind of angsty romantic teenager? Please tell me no. PLEASE.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Brief update...

Well, here at ye olde chicken housee (okay, that was random) we have already begun putting up christmas decorations. (Apparantly, one of the things about living in a B&B is that you put up lights and trees and stuff Thanksgiving night.)

Anyways, just like always, I did the lights on our tree, which took me a full three hours and was not, by any stretch of the imagination, easy. What's more, I'm short enough thatI had to get up on one of the kitchen stools to reach the top. Still, it looks gorgeous, and I am right pleased with my work.

Anyways, regarding NaNoWriMo, I do not remember if I already annouced this, but I finished my novel! Since I still had 15,000 words left, I've been working steadily on short stories and other novels I've started. :)

Also, I worked on my characters for a group I'm in. Above is a drawing I did of my character Eliot Hampton, who is quite possibly my most egomaniac character of all time.

And now, my friends, I retire. I'm eating chocolate brownies with coffee whipped cream stuff on top. It is incredibly good. Be jealous, please. ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

19,875 words later...

Well, my dears, I have finished my NaNoWriMo novel. This is actually a very not-good thing, because I'm only a little over halfway to my 35,000 word goal at 19,875 words. I don't know what I'm gonna write now, but I just have to make my goal.

And this is totally unrelated... but did you know that Pixar is coming out with a new movie? I am thrilled, quite honestly. :)
Here's the trailer. (Click!)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Art and Photo Dump

Hey people!! Here's a very expansive dump of stuff... mostly pictures of me goofing off with makeup. :)
Be warned: I actually feature in all of these photos, excluding the drawings. XD

First... me with blue makeup. Not my best picture. :P

On to the next picture! I'll start by saying that I did this particular makeup job in the middle of summer. It was over a hundred degrees up where I was doing it, and I was HOT HOT HOT!!

Here's me again, wearing the "liney" makeup.

And again. I did the lighting better this time.

Close-up on the eye.

Me being serious again. D:

And finally me, wearing a creepy expression. I was very releived to finally be done with my photo-taking-ness.

And now, some drawings: here's my character Sylvia Peters dressing up as her friend Jake Thomson:

And there's Jake Thomson, who she was dressing up as. This is a kind of old drawing of him. XD

My character Phoebe talking to her friend/half-brother, Trent. (I didn't finish this one... grr multiple light sourses!)

My character Jillian North impersonating the Coca-Cola bear.

My characters (from left to right): Meredith Chandler, Malcolm Davies, Phoebe Adams (again), and Jillian North (again), this time wearing their fall attires. Thanks Aurelia for helping me color Mal! :)

Okay, back to photos...

My creepy hand numero uno. I did this during school last year because, let's face it, school can be boring. Afterwards, I had random people grabbing my hand and staring at it. XD

Creepy hand again.

HOMECOMING!! (I think.) Anyways, my friend Calvin invited me to a school dance and I had a lot of fun. I think I looked pretty good, too, considering the fact that that day I'd been working in our old house all day, and only one hour before it was time to leave, I had to take a shower and dig all my clothes out of boxes. I didn't even know what I was going to wear. :P

Oh, another picture. These were Calvin's pretty awesome friends. And me.

a poem

wooded hill
edged on all sides with
black iron fence
gravestones recording
the lives and deaths
of men
one, from France
McCall, Ireland
here lies an ambassador
from Mississipi,
here, a baby
strange how old
this earth smells