Monday, November 28, 2011


So. As of late, I have been experementing a great deal with varios types of art... okay... digital art. ;)

I figured a lot of things about using my photoshop program and I am very proud of these...

This is the first one I tried. It is my character Eliot Hampton, who I actually like quite a lot.

This is my friend's character, Kay, who has a newfound obsession with evening dresses.

And this is another friend's character Melody Hinojosa, who loves band. I failed and didn't finish the flute, but other then that it looks good, I think. :)
(Also, I looked at about a million photo refrences and still managed to get the number of figers right. Oh, woe is me. :P)

And I've also been practicing *cough* writing *cough* romance. Yes, ROMANCE. Am I turning into some kind of angsty romantic teenager? Please tell me no. PLEASE.


Jude Rosenberg said...

These are insanely good! I love coming by your blog and looking at the art you've decided to show :)

tkfka Chloe said...

Thank you. :D
I love it when people tell me they enjoy the art I chose to show. ^.^