Thursday, November 03, 2011

Art and Photo Dump

Hey people!! Here's a very expansive dump of stuff... mostly pictures of me goofing off with makeup. :)
Be warned: I actually feature in all of these photos, excluding the drawings. XD

First... me with blue makeup. Not my best picture. :P

On to the next picture! I'll start by saying that I did this particular makeup job in the middle of summer. It was over a hundred degrees up where I was doing it, and I was HOT HOT HOT!!

Here's me again, wearing the "liney" makeup.

And again. I did the lighting better this time.

Close-up on the eye.

Me being serious again. D:

And finally me, wearing a creepy expression. I was very releived to finally be done with my photo-taking-ness.

And now, some drawings: here's my character Sylvia Peters dressing up as her friend Jake Thomson:

And there's Jake Thomson, who she was dressing up as. This is a kind of old drawing of him. XD

My character Phoebe talking to her friend/half-brother, Trent. (I didn't finish this one... grr multiple light sourses!)

My character Jillian North impersonating the Coca-Cola bear.

My characters (from left to right): Meredith Chandler, Malcolm Davies, Phoebe Adams (again), and Jillian North (again), this time wearing their fall attires. Thanks Aurelia for helping me color Mal! :)

Okay, back to photos...

My creepy hand numero uno. I did this during school last year because, let's face it, school can be boring. Afterwards, I had random people grabbing my hand and staring at it. XD

Creepy hand again.

HOMECOMING!! (I think.) Anyways, my friend Calvin invited me to a school dance and I had a lot of fun. I think I looked pretty good, too, considering the fact that that day I'd been working in our old house all day, and only one hour before it was time to leave, I had to take a shower and dig all my clothes out of boxes. I didn't even know what I was going to wear. :P

Oh, another picture. These were Calvin's pretty awesome friends. And me.


Zoe said...

LOVE all of the photo goodies! I want to play with make-up now.

tkfka Chloe said...

I agree. But then again, I always want to play with makeup, so...