Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Pets of the Sunshiny household!

This is the Wild Cat that lives by our house.

This is Cleopatra, who we call Cleo. She bites, but I really like her.

This is Carmel, who is an Angora. She is very sweet and floppy.

This is Penny , who loves poppy, but no one else.

Ella, Allie's hamster got loose for a week, and was finally found a couple of days ago.

These pictures are of Fern, a sweet and playful cat

And... MY BIRDS! Well, the blue, yellow, and brown one is 1 third mine, and the blue one is totally mine. I spent my money on both of them, so I don't know how it came to be only 1 third mine. Well, anyway, I named them Tom Thumb and Thumbelina! Aren't they cute? OK, i know I'm going a little bonkers over them, so I'll end the post!

Bye! hope you enjoyed looking at our pets!

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