Monday, October 13, 2008

Octopuses again!

Hey, did you watch the video of the octopus I put a link to the other day? Well, If you didn't, you'd better, because this post is about that video. I think it is probably real. But, I have seen real videos of octopuses, so even if this one isn't real, the octopus is an incredible creature and you can't deny it. Well, anyway, watch that video, and then think about this. How on earth could that just randomly happen? Doesn't it look like an alien? What do you think about it? My answers to these questions are:
1.No way it could randomly happen!!! God made it!
2.Yes, it looks like a very strange alien, like an escapee from a science fiction movie!
3.I think it is COOL! And actually kind of cute! But that's just me. Hey, its actually my favorite

Well, that's my post for now!

Oh, and by-the-way, All Saint's Day is coming up, so be on the watch for a LOT of pictures of kids! (oops, did I say kids? I meant saints.) Bye for now!

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