Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have been continuing to enjoy my new-found love, the sepia brush inking pen, in the rare times when I take a break from my sign-painting duties and NaNoWriMo novel finishing. (FYI, I only made it about halfway through my plot by the time I reached my 50,000 mark: I'd apparently not realized exactly how many words I'd be using for world-building and planned far too much in-between stuff.)

This is Constantine. He's from my novel, which is a massively retold bunch of fairytales melded together and thrown into a world filled with civil strife. He's the beast from Beauty and the Beast. Mostly I just wanted to draw something on my watercolor paper.
Now... I am off to stop procrastinating! I shall finish my novel... if it is the last thing I do. Right after I eat a bowl of ice cream.

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