Thursday, January 03, 2013

More December Drawings

My character Leo... the writing on the side is a "guide to surviving Leo during the holidays" with helpful tips like "don't let him have sugar because he's hyper enough already". Tried to do him in my cartoony style.

Drew this on 12/12/12, hence the date in the corner. Practiced coloring. That girl has one terrible paper cut... I was watching Star Trek while coloring and got a bit distracted.


Finally did the "Draw This Again" meme, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

In our youth, my friend Charlotte and my sister and I all loved our webkinz to bits. This is Charlotte's raccoon and my white terrier, a happy married couple, as humans.

And finally, happy (belated) holidays to you all! I drew this while suffering from a splitting headache and watching football with my grandfather (I will never understand that game) which is why there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to his sweater. Sigh.

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