Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy 2013!

I rang in the new years with a Doctor Who marathon and (slightly cold) spaghetti... altogether quite an enjoyable way to celebrate, if you ask me.

last drawing of 2012

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! (sorry for not posting, I'm a dud blogger and I had a fever and a cough and spent most of Christmas break trying not to fall asleep and miss the excitement.)

Oh, and obligatory list of New Years' resolutions:

  1. write and illustrate an entire graphic novel. I don't even care if its terrible I just wanna do it.
  2. actually that's my only resolution at the moment. I never resolve myself until about January 15th. Maybe I should resolve to stop procrastinating on this kind of time stuff.
  Now I guess I'm off to do.... something of worth, hopefully. :D

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