Friday, September 09, 2011

Very scetchy scetch dump...

Sadly, in the past month or so I have been in a drawing slump. I simply am not interested in drawing at the moment. **shrug**

Actually, come to think of it, that's not one-hundred percent true. I have been very interested in drawing dogs lately. Here's two of them...

This is Sammy the Papillon, and Pergo, the Great Dane. Sammy is my sister's character Zevi's pet dog, and Pergo is my character Dan's dog. Lately I've been having lots of fun with Pergo, although I don't really know why. (And just so you know, she was named after the harlequin Great Dane in the PERGO flooring commercials.)

On the other hand, besides drawing Great Danes, Boxers, Papillons, Akita mixes and Black Labs, I've hardly drawn anything at all. I did color a few people that I drew a while ago but naver finished, like this STUNNING picture of Toby and Tina:

(it actually isn't finished yet, either...) but I actually find myself unable to finish simple sketches like this one, which features the LaRue household:

Or this one, featuring my character Alex in his natural habitat.

In other words, I am a very sad artist. On the bright side, here's one drawing that I now love dearly. I finally finished it after months and months (it seemed) of doodling on it. It's the bunk-bed belonging to a pair of twins. :)


Zoe said...

Those sketches are amazingly delicious! I especially love the one of the bedroom.

tkfka Chloe said...

Thanks, Z! The bedroom is my favorite, too. X)

Haddock said...

Like those sketches.
Very sketchy but nevertheless good ones :-)
But the one of the dogs is the best.

tkfka Chloe said...

Thanks! I agree. :)