Sunday, September 11, 2011

Talk about a near-death experience.

About an hour or so ago, at 12:30 at night (or in the early hours of the morning, if you look at it the right way) we arrived home after spending the day fixing up the little house to rent. Insanely tired, we all got into our pajamas, then brushed our teeth, then our house got hit by a car.

The person driving ran their car through a stop sign, then through a gas line thingy (the city's been doing a lot of weird stuff), then went through our fence, then through the small tree in our front yard, and finally crashed into our house. There was like this huge crash. The entire house shook, making Kievan fall out of bed and Allie and Ben to absolutely panic.

Fast forward about two and a half minutes. Kiki, Allie, Ben, A.C., William, the dog and I were crammed on to our next door neighbor's screened porch, waiting for our house to explode because of the gas leak.

Nevertheless, we've all survived and are now going to bed. It's scary to think that if we'd arrived home ten minutes later, we would've all been run over by a car, though.

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