Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Moving and Other Adventures

Welcome to the Twilight Zone! I've always wanted to say that. :)

Anyways, I'll cut to the chase now... and I know you're all wondering if we're actually moving this time. The answer is probably yes. We've packed tons of junk, thrown away MORE junk, and have about six days before we toss everything into a truck and drive off to our new place.

That's not even it, though. Not only are we leaving the 'Boro in (possibly) less than a week, Kievan had gashed her foot open. She was chasing the chickens (who we're leaving behind--we already miss them and we haven't even left yet!!) and she was barefoot (like ALWAYS.) and she sliced a huginormous cut in her foot. She limped inside.

Let's just say I was pretty alarmed when I walked into the kitchen and found a bloody footprint trail leading to the bathroom.

ANYWAYS, long story short, she got sent to the doctor, had her foot stitched back together again, and is fully alive. She's hopping around the place on one foot, which makes her sound like she's trying to go through the floor.

Well, hopefully we'll be alive and well tomorrow! Until then... goodbye.

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