Wednesday, July 06, 2011


So this morning I woke up, still super tired and ready to crumble into a million pieces. My mother walked through the room with a cup of her "motivation" (a.k.a. Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee).

About one hour later, I was still ultra-groggy, very sore, and a little bit grouchy. So I sit at my mother's desk and randomly take a sip of her still icy coffee. Then I took another. And another.

Now, about twenty minutes later, I am SUPER MOTIVATED to do anything and everything, and I've already accomplished more in these twenty minutes than I did the entire rest of the morning. Who knew coffee could make me so hyper, right?

(coffee picture belongs to the Pioneer Woman. I stoled it.)

So now, with my mother's coffee in hand, I am gonna go draw some yearbook pictures! Yay for me! ;)

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