Sunday, July 10, 2011

365 Haikus

Do you know how long it takes to write 365 haikus??? It takes forever!!
I'm not joking. I love writing them, but this is just crazy. I'm not even sure I have a whole 100 of them yet, 'cause I write them everywhere. Seriously... in my literature textbook, on my many blogs, in random notebooks, and a few actually where they're supposed to be.

The hardest thing about writing haikus is actually sitting down and writing them, though. Ideas for my haikus are also hard to come by. Luckily, I've written so many that syllable counting and idea summing-up isn't hard at all.

And now, to end the rant, my favorite one I've written this week:

trouble is lurking
sitting on her chest at night
prodding, whispering...

And also a link to my 100 Themes blog (where I'm writing 100 haikus.)
"A Hundred Haikus"

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