Friday, June 17, 2011

Scetch Dump!!

Since I have been all alone with nobody except my mother, two toddler siblings, and WALL-E to keep me company, I've spent a huge amount of time doodling. Here are a few of my more sketchy sketches... I may finish some of them someday. ;)

My favorite on this page is the papillon with the huge ears. :)

I drew a page of some of the "Things that make me say D:". On the list is... errr.... a lot of random stuff.

I-trip. Featuring clumsy Jake Thomson. ;)

A random lady on the left... the personification of my (are you ready for this?) Webkinz Black Friesian Horse, MD. I had fun with her. :P

A new group of characters, the Magee kids. Simon, Paige, Ian, and Theo. Created mostly because I wanted characters with those names. ;)

The four main characters in one of my weirder stories. (left to right, Dion Dickens, Isaac Reese, Variel Wexler, and King Akenhamen III)

I don't know if I've mentioned this... but I've been really really bored. So, while watching Fantasia for the eleventh time, I drew a centaur. :|

One of my favorite fairy tale characters ever.... Queen Cat (from the White Cat)!! (fairy tale here: CLICK.)

My character Malcolm "Mal" Davies. (Athena)

My other character Mallory "Mal" Chandler. (Ares) (I changed her name to Meredith, because her best friend was the other Mal, but I still think of her as Mal Chandler, unfortunately.)

My character Jillian North (Hermes) in her summer outfits.

Yet ANOTHER character... this one's Sonali. (Aphrodite)

And finally, two more characters. Zach (Apollo) and Alice (Morpheus). Originally Alice's name was going to be "Hester", because I personally love the name, (I think it's so pretty,) but Kievan seemed to think it's quite hideous, as did my baby name book (they classified it under "So Far Out They'll Probably Always Be Out). :P Lately I've been holding a poll about whether or not people like the name, and it's gotten a pretty lukewarm response. I still love it, though. :)

So there you go! As you can tell, I've been mindlessly doodling a lot this week.

And, before I go, I'd just like to say that our cat had kittens! There are two of them, and I named them "Sushi" and "the Happy Cookie Crumb." It's been fun telling people what I named them and seeing their reactions. :D Supposedly Allie wants to change the Happy Cookie Crumb's name to "Sharkfin" but when she told Mommy over the phone, Mother doubtfully told her that personally, she preferred "the Happy Cookie Crumb" to anything that had to do with sharks. I'm gonna be taking pictures of Sushi and the Crumb to send to my vacationing siblings, so soon you'll get to see them too. ;)

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Zoe said...

your character's expressions are AMAZING! And the feet. The feet are pretty cool, too.