Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And then Chloe ran around screaming her head off....

... because that is what Chloe does when she goes crazy. And trust me, Chloe has gone crazy.

Talking about yourself in third person is just one of the many many symptoms of insanity, so I'll stop that not. You may be wondering what has driven me over the edge, though, so I'll elaborate.

  1. Allie and Ben and Kiki have gone away to stay with Nana, leaving me to amuse myself. I am very lonely.
  2. I've been sleeping on a couch for a month and I'm suffering from sleep deprivation.
  3. Most importantly....... NANOWRIMO is in SIX MONTHS!! I'm waaayyy overreacting, I know, but I feel it's very important for me to win this year! I have to finish my novel!!! Which means i have to have a plot, and characters, and a plan for what I'm gonna do, and the time to do it in.... and AGH!!! DEATH! INSANITY! I'm going crazy already!!

Also.... I fell in love with Pixar's WALL-E. It's so cool the way there's, like, NO dialogue, but it gets the point across so well! Also, I found out that they used a slinky to make the sound of EVE's laser gun firing. Who would have thought, right?

Well, there you go. My (immediate) life in a nutshell.

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