Saturday, June 04, 2011


Today my younger sisters and I retreated to the mall (another air-conditioned place) and did our normal things. This means that we went to Target and read books, then we went to the bookstore and read books, then, we ate candy. Luckily, we also did something entirely abnormal: shoe shopping. I hate shoe shopping, but I kind of needed some new flip-flops, and this store had some nice ones for super cheap, and I had my tips from working at the restaurant, so after about fifteen minutes of fruitless and slightly nerve-wracking searching, we finally bought a pair. Why was this lucky? Well, see, as we were leaving Target (in case you were wondering, we were reading books) Kievan's shoe strap snapped, leaving her foot totally shoe-less. We had scissors in my purse, so we snipped off the tags on my new shoes and VIOLA! We were safe!

Anyways, there is the random news for the day. :)

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