Monday, March 28, 2011


... because I'm sure you want me to go even MORE bonkers over it.

Anyways, we finally finished watching the ninth season, and let me just say... it was strange. I was describing the ending to Kievan (who wasn't present for the finale) and my exact wording was, "And then Zod and the Kandorians were sucked up by happy little sunbeams and Clark fell off the building with a blue kryptonite knife." Kievan gave me this really weird look, then said, "Wait. Go back to the "happy little sunbeam" part.

This was the original casting for the first season of Smallville. It was kind of sad... of the people shown above, only Clark, his mom, and his friend Chloe are still in the show. **clicks tongue** It's even weirder when you think of all the people who died in the show.


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