Saturday, March 26, 2011

I found the scanner!!! :D

Guess where the scanner was actually hiding? That's right.... right next to the computer.

No, not really. My dad found it and put it there. X) Here are some of my latest drawings...

See that background color? That's actually yellow. My scanner killed it. ANYHOO, this is a drawing of two kids playing chess. Yes.

Two people and a very very large dog. (You may recognize them from HERE... that's 'cause they're the same people.)

An elf I drew... this is her character sheet. I think I might name her Esme.... but I'm not really sure. Any suggestions?

TOONIE!! This is my friend Greta's dog... dressed up in plaid. XD

And finally, Beowulf! I was randomly doodling... this took me aprox. 4 seconds. XD
It's much smaller in real life.

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