Friday, March 25, 2011

A brief overview of my week...

Okay, here's my week in as few words as possible. Meaning, I'm about to talk your ears off.

My siblings numbers 3, 4, and 5 (a.k.a. Allie, Ben, and A.C.) are currently busy with my Grandparents over spring break. They are the noisy and mess-making kids in the house hold, so without them (and my dad, who's working at an Asian restaurant) it's been very.... boring. And insanely quiet.

Back to my dad. Since he lost his job, he's become a chef at this little Asian restaurant. This is ironic because my father does not have a single Asian bone in his body. Nevertheless, he's already been promoted to head chef (it's a very small restaurant) and is pretty much amazing at cooking sweet-and-sour chicken (with real sauce that has, like, pineapples and stuff in it! AWESOME!). Unfortunately, Poppy is gone at night, which means that he's not in the kitchen at dinnertime, listening to Maroon Five at full volume. It's quite depressing, actually.

Anyways, I spent more-or-less an entire day at my friend Greta's house which totally ROCKED!! I haven't spent a day at anyone's house for a while (excluding Shakespeare Club... which really doesn't last all that long.) so that trip was totally awesome and fun and everything. I just hope I didn't bore her too much. X)

We had book-club, too, and that was fun, because I got to go to the library. At the suggestion of my aforementioned friend Greta, I got this book called "Crash" by some guy who's name totally just escaped my memory. I read it that night (along with The Summer Before and The Girl Who Could Fly) and when I was finished I was all like, "Oh... Penn Webb reminds me of Stargirl." So THEN I found out it was written by the same person. I kinda felt like a fail there. ;)

We also got Smallville (season 9!) at the library, and stayed up till LITERALLY 3:30 watching it. We were somewhat surprised to find out that Clark started wearing a trench coat and Chloe [Sullivan] became a super-computer-genius, and also that although Johnathan Kent died (everyone's least favorite episode ever) Martha Kent seems to have dissolved into nothingness and nobody remembers anything about her. Anyways, we're totally addicted to it.

Kievan and I plotted (okay, had a series of really bizarre ideas about) this story. It currently sounds a lot like Maximum Ride, but we actually threw out a load of strange plot ideas just because they sounded too similar. It's about these super-villain kids and.... well, it'd just take an insane amount of time to explain it all. Let's just say... it's pretty weird. You can tell by their names... Jekyll Odysseus, Drew Paisley, Lucius "Lucy" Scorpion, Kryptonite "Mermaid" Ray, and THE SHADE. ;P

And to wrap it up, I'M FREEZING TO DEATH!

Oh, and yeah, happy Friday.

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