Friday, March 18, 2011

King Henry V and Jaws

Well, today was a good day at Shakespeare... we watched the movie King Henry V (you know, with Kenneth Branagh) and then ate vegetarian pizza (because it's Lent) and discussed the merits of good old-fashioned horror movies, like Jaws and its sequels. Which got us all talking about the movies and TV shows like Star Trek and Jurassic Park.

So all-in-all, it's been a pretty fun day. Good luck to my friend Greta, who's currently off doing something (not sure what) somewhere (not sure where) and my friend Charlotte who's currently playing basketball somewhere. (I'm not sure where.... ;P)


Butterballfeather said...

Hey, cool! ;) I wish I'd been there. I love all of those movies. Especially the new Star Trek.

Well, thanks for the good luck wishes. :) I'm back and I think I did pretty well. *happiness* Last meet of the season! *Happinessandsadnessallatthesametime*


Joy said...

I wish i couldv'e been there too!