Thursday, November 04, 2010

MORE drawings! :D

I'm really sorry if you've seen these before... I've looked at these pictures so much that I can't remember if I've posted them or not, and I've made so many posts with my drawings that I can't find where I've posted them. :/

Anyway, these all feature three dogs, which do in fact have names. The black one is J.J., the white one is Valentina, and the brownish one is Hazel. They are my sister's, Kiki's, and my trademark animals. They appear in just about every story I've ever written/are writing, including my NaNoWriMo novel. (They are three rebels against the Big Bad Wolf.)

Anyway, just wanted to make sure I posted those. :D

Posing for the camera. (Hazel, SMILE!)

J.J. and Val dancing crazily, like J.J. and Val do.....

Hazel winning at Monopoly. That board took me forever. :D


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love them! They way you point the dog's legs the way real dogs legs go is cool... it's so much better than the way humans usually draw dogs.

-she came from planet Z

Chloe said...

Thanks, Z!! :D