Wednesday, February 06, 2013


And this is what I do when I'm bored!

In case you can't tell what that thing up there is, I build house plans. And yes, I am extremely bored.

On the other hand, this thing easily took four hours, because right after finishing it my little sister ran past and unplugged the computer. The computer is so old that when you unplug it, everything crashes. So I lost all of my work. It was highly depressing. I felt like I had to finish it again, so here it is. XD

Which reminds me of something I just read about Sharon Kay Penman's book the Sunne in Splendour. She wrote the first copy of the manuscript, five hundred pages worth of historical fiction, only to have her only copy stolen from her car. She was unable to write for six years after that, after which she rewrote the whole thing. I was almost physically sick when I heard that. Let it be a lesson to us all to back up everything we write a million times.

And since Ms. Penman's book is about King Richard III... here's an article about the recreation of his face! And guess what? He doesn't have a withered arm...

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Zoe said...

Yes, they take a while, but aren't floor plans satisfying? I get addicted every now and then, myself. These are so cool!