Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, I haven't posted in a while! Hello, people of earth.

I'll start by saying that my lovely, amazing, beautiful, perfect, awesome, gorgeous, kind, sweet, innocent and in all other words just really cool siblings, whom I happen to really miss, are STILL with my Nana and Grampy. I literally have not talked to any of them for over a month, simply because they are having such a good time that they can't find the time to talk to me.

Anyways, here's a picture of Ben getting his tooth pulled out. (it was super loose, he couldn't eat, and it really needed to come out.) I miss him (and all his teeth) so much. :(

Moving on.

Okay, so guess what I did last Wednesday? I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with Kievan and Greta! It was amazing and wonderful and stuff! I'm really really depressed now though, because when you think about it, this really IS the end of Harry Potter. It's like, the end of a great era. It's like, signaling the end of thousands of teenagers' childhood. It's like... the grand finale to a brilliant story.

Yeah. Kind of like that. If you allow for poetic liberties. (Now be careful, the next part has a spoiler warning. I think.)

Anyways, my favorite parts about the movie was... like.... everything. I didn't particularly like the parts where the movie strayed from the books... but those parts were far and few between. I cried pretty much the entire time, which would have been embarrassing except that everybody, including my sister Kievan (who has a heart made of lead when it comes to sad movies), cried at at least two parts. (Except my friend Greta, who actually doesn't cry at movies. Lucky.) After the Prince's Tale (those of you know know Harry Potter well already know what I'm talking about) I dried all my tears, blew my nose, and mentally decided not to cry anymore. I'd actually decided not to cry after that part hours before, and had mentally prepared myself for every sad aspect of the entire movie. (Or so I thought.) So, anyways, there I was, totally ready to not cry any more, when Harry took the snitch out of his pocket, and it said, "I open at the close."

Well, I immediately started bawling. Somehow I'd forgotten the whole resurrection stone part of the story! And you know, that's just about the saddest part of the whole entire story! I'd totally forgotten to mentally prepare myself for the most tear-wrenching scene in the whole movie. I'm seriously insane. But that part was probably my favorite part. :)

Anyways, good night and everything. I am off to watch Star Trek! (At 10:23 at night.)


Zoe said...

Legends! Ends! Movies! Startrek which I haven't seen but still fits into the category I think! And teeth! This is epic!

Anonymous said...

The Princes Tale was so sad. Poor Severus.