Friday, July 29, 2011


Last night A.C. and I caught a jar of fireflies. At our house in the Boro, fireflies are elusive and there aren't that many of them. Firefly catching is a very fruitless sport. Here on Chigger Hill with our Nana and Grampy, however, the fireflies are everywhere.

I had so much fun. I haven't caught a firefly since my visit to Amish Country a few years ago, and I'd forgotten how much fun it could be. And the best part, by far, was A.C. trailing behind me, carrying the jar of bugs and whining, "Chloooooeeeeee, you're a bad catcher. I need more firebugs!!"

I missed her a lot.

I spent today sitting in the back of the Gator (it's like a cross between a four-wheeler, a pickup truck, and a golf-cart) while each of my siblings showed me their impressive driving skills. (And yes, this includes A.C.) Beowulf the Hero, who is not on house arrest anymore, rode in the back with me, and seemed quite pleasantly surprised by the gust of wind that flew in his face when he hung his head out the side. (he looked a bit like "Bolt" from that Disney movie...)

I've only driven the Gator once, and that was yesterday. It was actually kind of fun, but I still don't plan to get a license anytime soon, despite the fact that every member of my family is practically begging me on bended knee.

NOW! For ze drawings!!!
.... I don't have any. :P

That DOESN'T mean I haven't been drawing, though! Au contraire, I've drawn a lot of faces, sketched the Hephaestus Cabin photo for a group project I'm doing, humanized my wolf, Homer (I gave him a samurai ponytail, a keyboard, and a suit.... he looked strange, to say the least) and also Jeff and Tunie, my sister's and my twin poodles, and that's only a couple of my projects. Unfortunately, there is no scanner at this house, and no scanner means that I am sad. :( Luckily, my Nana stocked up on Ritz crackers and chocolate milk before I came, and my siblings are present, so I've kind of forgotten about being sad, actually. XD

Last but not least..... I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!! I'M GOING TO LIIIIVVVVEEEEE! Yay!

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