Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yay! Even more updates!

As I posted elsewhere...
"Wedding, mothers' day, church, friends, cousins, requested portraits, Capture-the-Flag online art contest, Williamsburg, jelly beans, the sunken gardens, tag football, the beach, Yorktown Victory Center, pressed pennies, new earrings, Finding Nemo, etcetera etcetera etcetera... I haven't even been here a week yet! I love the way that you're never bored down here. :D"

You gotta love VA, don't you? Much to possibly everybody's surprise, I also love the insanely long drive. Sixteen-plus hours in a car? No problem.. as long as you've got Agatha Christie!

So far on our trip, we've listened to the audio recordings of Dame Agatha Christie's "Death Comes as the End" and "A Cat Among the Pigeons". We liked both of them. ;)

Also, to ensure no boredom while lying in bed in the morning, I bought Rick Riordan's "Throne of Fire". I love love loved it, but it was incredibly sad. After I finished it, I followed Kievan around moaning in sadness and telling her all the people I felt sorry for. Also, I randomly created another Percy Jackson character... an Aphrodite girl named Adelheid Reinhardt. Go figure.

I also sort of redrew a lot of my original story characters, this time using multiple
photo references. I really like the way they all turned out. ;D

Well, that's it! Bye!

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