Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not..... enough....... time.......

Sorry for the lack of updates, drawings, and, well, whatever else I usually post here. I've been really really busy, and have pretty much been doing three things: working at my job, reading random books, and drinking pink lemonade.

One; working at my job. Okay, so what am I supposed to say about it? Um... I really like to work, I really dislike the waking-up-early part and the not-hanging-out-with-my-friends part. All in all, I don't hate it, but I really wish I didn't have to do it.

Next, reading random books... so I finished the tenth book of the 39 Clues! I kind of stopped reading them for a while, but then I went to the library and finished the first series. I never saw the ending coming, literally, on the paragraph before the climax was resolved, I still had absolutely no idea what was gonna happen. Seriously, it was amazing and I love love loved it. I can't wait to get my mitts of "Vespers Rising", although I think it's only an explanation of the next series. Also, Hamilton Holt is just pure awesomeness. He's my favorite character in the entire book, and I told Kievan, "Hamilton is about two-thirds as cool as Horace from Ranger's Apprentice!" (For me, that is very high praise. Kievan is constantly asking me if I've persuaded Horace to marry me yet. I usually pretend not to hear her. ;D)

I also read Margaret Peterson Haddix's (she wrote the last 39 Clue book too, I only just now realized that) book "Sent", which is book 2 in her "Missing" series. I love that series! Seriously, maybe I'm just into "kids getting into trouble and learning about Shakespeare and other cool people" type books, but the Missing series is just really fun. I recommend it. I also find it funny because it has a character named "JB" in it... Kievan and I see people with the initials "J.B" everywhere we go.

Oh, yeah, the pink lemonade. What's up with that? Well, see, my mom apparently isn't cooking anymore, and since I work from 10:00 in the morning to 2:30 I practically miss breakfast and lunch. THEN, I get a measly Asian takeout dinner. Therefore, I have been living mostly off.... you guessed it..... pink lemonade, which I now have an addiction to. Oops.

And that's about it. ;)

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