Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is the dragon who is now on his way to an art museum after weeks of hard work. In case you can't tell, it's a large purple dragon lying in a pile of gold coins with two waterfalls nearby. It was very funny... while I was in art class trying to color all the little gold coins, I had a lot of little first, second and third graders come look at my art. The interpretations were HILARIOUS!! The funniest one I heard? A little girl thought it was a dead goat lying in a pile of yellow rice. I guess she was hungry. :)

Also, WE GOT A NEW KEYBOARD!! I'm not sure if I already mentioned this, but I spilled a glass of chocolate milk on the keyboard last summer and ever since we've been getting along without the letter "g". Believe it or not, but "g" is one of the most used letters, because it's at the end of so many words! Jumping, flying, swinging, swimming, etc. all end in "g"! And then there are the "g" names, like Ginny, Gabe, and the REALLY hard "g" names, like Gregor, George, Greg, Gilgamesh..... and then my absolute favorite word of all time.... giggling, with a whopping four "g's". But now we FINALLY have a new keyboard, which means that I am very very very happy. :)


Anonymous said...

Horray! The dragon looks like it was really fun to do. And it turned out SO COOL!

She came from planet Z

Chloe said...

Thanks, Z! :D