Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Poem

She licks her chops,
Silently she goes and stops.
Carefully she stalks her prey,
Quietly she walks it's way,
With a yowl she leaps
As she grabs, it squeaks.
She has caught the rubber mouse,
She must be leader of the house.
Proudly she walks away,
With the air that she has saved the day.

By ME!
Thank you, thank you. (I bow deeply)


My Storey said...

Chloe, what a wonderful poem. I can just see that cat stalking her prey. I see the look of pride has she hautily walk way. Then I see myself saying "we got you, you haughty". I like the rhymn. Be sure you save all of your works-- they will come in handy some day when you apply for college. From Xie in Hawaii.

SunshinyLiving said...

Xie- Do you have a Facebook account? If so, "friend" Chloe and me. She writes on it everyday (and I do about once a week).
I hope Hawaii is great!
Love, Di

Chloe said...

Thanks so much, Xie! :D