Monday, October 09, 2006

A busy day

Today we had a very busy day. First we cleaned the house, some people came to fix the thermostat upstairs and the heating downstairs. Then we went to school at church. Then we went to PE. Next we will go to kiki's art class then to my art class. Mommy might have some more surprises for us.


Angie said...

Chloe, You are an amazing speller, and such a good writer! You need to come and help me teach my first graders :)

Melanie said...

Chloe, are you still taking painting lessons, or are you doing a different kind of art? I'd love to see some of your artist works! Can they be scanned in so you can post them on your blog? Love you! Aunt Mel :-)

Jessi said...

Hi sweet thing =) When are you coming to visit me? Did you know I'm leaving for Sri Lanka this Saturday to visit my friend? You should look up Sri Lanka on the map. I'll be near the city of Colombo. Love you!
Aunt Jessi