Thursday, September 07, 2006

The States I've been to

create your own visited states map


SunshinyLiving said...


You've also been to Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.


SunshinyLiving said...

And when you were very little, you went to New Jersey on a trip to Philidelphia with the Colvis'.


Michaela said...

Cool! I've been to lots of states too. I'll have to try that state map! Love Michaela

Melanie said...

Chloe, you should go check out my blog! Michaela liked your state map so much, she was very curious about how many states she has visited. She copied your idea! What's really cool, though, is how many states you've LIVED in. Not many 10 year olds have lived in 5 different states!! :-) Aunt Mel