Tuesday, July 23, 2013

alpha beta gamma delta etc etc

I took a Greek alphabet class for about an hour and a half over the internet tonight. It was fascinating. I was fascinated.

Not so much by the wonders of the Greek alphabet, which was admittedly fairly cool, but more just by the wonders of technology that made it totally doable for 50 different kids from around the world sit around in their rooms or whatever taking a class from the same teacher and still being able to ask and answer questions.

Yeah, it was fascinating.

Also the Greek alphabet is hard to write. Why did they have to make all their letters weird, complicated squiggly lines and going all over the place?

Anyways, technology and foreign languages are just pretty much beyond me.

(Bye the way, I'm typing this all on my newly fixed laptop. The one that was sitting under my bed for over two years because I just cannot control machines and I decided I hated it.)

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