Tuesday, March 26, 2013

still trying to kill my art block

I have now graduated myself to quick scetchy paintshop-painting pieces. Basically: I'm bored so I color sketches super fast and don't really care how it looks.

Most of the time while drawing these (I've got a few more about halfway colored) I just hum Dory's "just keep swimming!" song from Finding Nemo. yep, I've gone pretty wonky.

Also, spell check doesn't believe that "Nemo" is a real word and wants me to change it to "anemone". Random fact.

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Zoe said...

Haha! What a delightful scene you've given us all - frantically sketching while listening to "just keep swimming"... I think we all can relate to that. But it's teaching you something, maybe teaching that portion of your brain how to draw while not even paying attention to the act of drawing. Ok I'm getting to technical. Good luck with your block!