Saturday, March 09, 2013


Guess what I have?
a.) a therapy llama
b) a large yellow mug with a smiley-faceon it
c) a lifetime supply of spearmint tea
d) every shade of cool grey Prismacolor marker
e) none of the above

The answer is e), sadly enough. But that's actually okay, because I have something else!

What is this mysterious thing, you ask?

I may have already posted about this on the blog, but I have been using two keyboards lately, one of which was missing half of it's keys, the other one missing the oppisite half of keys.

It was extremely hard to type. In fact, it even got to the point where I would be happily writing something on my iThing when WHAM "where's my other keyboard? i need to hit the letter g!" Causing me to panic for a second before I realize that I don't actually need a second keyboard on my iThing.

And now I can type again.

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