Sunday, February 24, 2013

Things I Love: Dovecote Crest

Dovecote Crest is a webcomic, and basically it is the most fun webcomic I have ever read.
(Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I don't exactly read a lot of webcomics... but it would definitely take a lot to trump this one.)

Why, you ask? Let me make a list...

1. the art. Obviously, these pictures are all pages from Dovecote Crest.... and you can probably tell at a glance that it evolves a lot over the course of the comic. In honesty, watching the art grow and become beautiful adds so much to reading it. But beyond that, the art is just so charming and enjoyable, right from the start. I hardly even noticed how much it changed.

2. the stories. They're engaging, well-told, and basically awesome. Enough said.

3. the setting. Dovecote Crest is set on a historic site, and the characters are Civil War reenactors. I especially love this, having been brought up hanging around places like Colonial Williamsburg (where there are Revolutionary War reenactments all over the place) and being a tour guide myself. I can especially connect with some of the museum-y tidbits lying around.

4. this is a major one; the characters. Basically I'm in love with all of them. Some characters only get one or two lines throughout the stories, and yet you (or at least me) still feel connected to them. I especially love the characters separate voices and unique speech patterns--Jeremy's is easily the most noticeable, but they all have small patterns that make it easy to tell who's talking, even without the handy speech bubbles.

Also one more thing before I go... I personally love looking at the art of this comic, because it is so beautiful, but its still very accessible. As I'm trying to plunder through art myself, I love being able to look at the art and see something that I could maybe learn to do someday. I love the colors and the way they work, and being able to see how the artist did them. Other comics, which don't use styles I'm familiar with, seem distant to me. A lot of webcomics use art styles that seem so perfect, like some MARVEL god came down from his cloud and handed over perfectly drawn art panels. This art doesn't feel like that. This feels very familiar, and I love it for that.

Also if you aren't convinced by all this that you should look at it, go look at it anyways. And start at the beginning. HERE.

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