Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Just a quick post to announce that I am still alive!

My grandfather came and picked three of my siblings and me up and so Saturday afternoon we were driving through West VA. In case you haven't heard-- aliens attacked the East coast last Friday and left the entire state of West VA and large portions of many other states without power. This had unpleasant ramifications for us weary travellers (although thankfully not so unpleasant as those stuck with no power) as there was no way to pump gas out of the ground. Meaning? We were almost stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no empty hotels for miles around. Luckily, Grandpa had the brilliant idea of assking a Ford dealership (who did have power) if they had gasoline, and they sold us a few gallons. So we managed to escape gasoline-less doom and eventually made it to our grandparents house.

At any rate, a lot of people were left without power and cars this weekend, so please pray for them! There were also many, many people with severe damage to their homes from fallen trees and stuff.

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Joy said...

Glad you're still alive! Yay for Grandpa's brains and the Ford dealership!