Monday, February 06, 2012

A Poem

I wrote this poem an age ago (as in, last Autumn), but only just now am posting it. There was this one word at the end that I didn't like, and now I finally figured out what to replace it with. XD

cackling wind
oozes from the water
somewhere in the Atlantic
and, racing over
waves and then Virginia
begins a great road trip
making moving vans,
and small cars
slip all over the asphalt in Tenessee
it flies through
trees in Missouri
they whistle loudly in admiration
as the wind,
even more daring now,
ruffles the hair of baseball players
blows the balls the wrong way
one stingy pecan
boos the befouled game,
flinging her fruit at
the wind's mischevious fingers
chuckling, he moves on to
a kite-flier in Kansas...

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