Thursday, September 01, 2011

Who Is Zuri Sophilia?

Well? Who is she?
... just one of my greatest allies and most trusted associates.

And now, this genius has made herself a blog! Her fans have eagerly awaited each of her posts (so far there have been three) and now I encourage you to visit and join her vast cloud of raving followers. My only word of advice? Read quickly and don't linger long... if you become too tiresome to Zuri, she'll heartlessly spray you with virtual cheese from a can.

Here's the link: Who Is Zuri Sophilia?


Zuri Sophilia Walker said...
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Zuri Sophilia Walker said...

Thank you Chloe! You are a noble associate indeed! Why yes, I am armed and ready with my can of spray cheese! Mwahahaha! ;) Mmm.. Cheddar! :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, thanks, Zuri. :)
Does this mean I won't get sprayed with cheese? :D


Zuri Sophilia Walker said...

*Gasps* I would never spray my most trusted associate with cheese!! *dramatic pause* Or would I? Mwahahahaha! ;)