Friday, April 08, 2011


So, the scoop on my week thus far:

I worked and worked and worked and worked and WORKED at my job. I kinda like it, except I now have no time at all to do other things... most importantly Shakespeare Club. (Which is actually the only fun thing I do, besides childrens' choir, which is technically a volunteer job.) Luckily for me, my amazing wonderful and most amazing mother knows how much I adore Shakespeare, so she went to my job today and let me have the day off. I had so much fun!! Unfortunately for me, I was really really sleepy and didn't really wake up until I had to make lunch (pizza! no more Asian!!) and then my friend Greta had to leave. That was definitely a bummer.

So instead of talking to Greta, I decided to continue my mission of making a different girl, Olivia, talk to me. And guess what? I HAVE FINALLY SUCCEEDED!!! Get out the ice-cream and confetti! What happened was, Andrew (another kid, Olivia's brother) Olivia and I were still eating pizza at the dining room table when somebody decided to turn on "Liberty's Kids". I don't know if you people have ever watched that, but it's pretty much this awesome TV show about kids living during the Revolutionary War. It also has somewhat faulty animation at times, and repeats some stuff. So we all watched it and would exasperatedly announce, "They aren't exercising proper gun saftey!" or "Every time they open a book it's already on the exact right page." or "They're supposed to be running away from angry British soldiers! They don't have time to recite poetry!!"

I went back to work today (Saturday), and we're going to church tonight so that I can sleep in tomorrow. YES! YES YES YES YES!


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