Friday, April 29, 2011

Well, my friends, today marks the beginning of both an awesome month of amazingness, and the terribly sad temporary ending of possibly the best thing I’ve ever been a part of since moving to the ‘Boro.

Why? Well, this month I’m attending wedding number #2 at my grandparent’s house. My Aunt Jessi is getting married and Kievan and I are junior bridesmaids, Wilbo is the ring boy, A.C. is the flower girl, Ben is an usher, and Allie is the kid who walks down the isle with the babies and makes sure they make it to the altar. That's not really the super exciting part, though. (actually, I'm worried about being a junior bridesmaid. I'm notoriously prone to locking my knees.) The exciting part is that we'll be staying for close to a month, and I don't have to work! Not only that, but our friend Greta and her family is going to be attending a wedding at the same time we are, in the same place! We've decided to overlap our schedules and spend some time around town with each other. Fun, huh?

The sad part is that Shakespeare Club must be put on a break for a while. Kievan and I were both very mucho sad, and promptly forgot to say goodbye to anyone except Olivia and Andrew's mom. Go figure. Anyways, to sort of celebrate a sad temporary ending to Shakespeare Club, we ordered Hamlet from Netflix and watched it. Sadly, it was the wrong Hamlet (as in not the one with Kenneth Branagh in it) but it was alright because it turned out that the guy who played Hamlet was the same guy who played the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Needless to say, he made an EXCELLENT crazy Hamlet.

Now, I bid you all adieu, I have this really crazy urge to pack. Ciao!

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