Sunday, April 17, 2011


So today was just about a pretty good day. Kievan, Greta and I went to the mall and ate pretzels, and read books, and drank root beer, and tested perfume, and ate candy, and toured Target, and drank coffee, and went pretty much nutso.

I had a brilliant time. For some reason, though, after a while I went completely brain-dead and pretty much zoned totally out, which probably resulted in a very glazed expression. I'm not sure.

After that was all done, my friend Charlotte called me and read part of her story to me, then ordered me in total seriousness to write. She honestly used the words "write or ELSE." With Charlotte, not doing what she requests is like tempting the fates of death, or something. Therefore, I am writing, and I'm actually seriously enjoying it.

Our story is titled, "The Summer Project" and pretty much she writes a chapter, then I write a chapter, then she writes a chapter. Our story is a zany concoction revolving around Luke the ninja, a cyborg/steampunk girl named Autumn, a traditional vampire named Isabella (you know, she can't play in the sun or eat garlic or wear silver jewelry) and some evil guy who wants to gain world domination and whatnot. His name is, for no apparent reason, Mr. Ed.

Anyways, today Kievan and I discussed what would happen if Natsumi Vladimir (one of her characters who has a super-power of being unbelievably persuasive) was mad at the family who was allowing her to board at their house. We imagined she'd probably yell at each of them in turn, telling them to more-or-less stop being themselves. We spent a few hours giggling over the idea of a serious Jean and a giggly Dan. :)

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