Sunday, March 06, 2011

Books books books books books!

Well, lately I have been in a reading mood. So naturally, yesterday I went to the library and got just about every book there.

Since then I've read the 39 Clues books 1-3 (Maze of Bones, One Wrong Note, and the Sword Thief) and I've gotta say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Each of the books are written by a different author, and I think it's really neat to see how they all have slightly different styles. Also, I love the character Dan, but all of the other characters are also so amazing it's obnoxious. I like all of them, from the Cobras to Saladin the cat. It just really makes me excited.

I've also re-read Sharon Draper's "Out of my Mind", about a girl who has cerebral palsy. I love that book too... it's so bittersweet.

I ALSO re-read E. L. Konigsburg's "The View from Saturday". I also love this book, which I randomly picked up in a bookstore and started reading, and ended up just having to finish. This book also sports amazing characters, which is good, because it actually doesn't have that much of a plot. This book is probably going to end up on my "favorites" list, simply because I love the chapter about Ethan Potter so much. :D

And last but probably not least, I read one of the books in the Red Rock Mystery Series.... "the Hollywood Holdup", it's called. I love the Red Rock mysteries (in fact, I love just about all mysteries) but the one killer about the series is the ending. Warning: you may want to skip the last book.

So that's what's up.... I may die from boredom sometime soon. I really need to find a good audio-book and do a puzzle.... got any ideas of what I should listen to?


Zoe said...

I read View From Saturday! It was so inspiring! A beutiful "view" into people's minds.

Chloe said...

I agree! I love that book. :)