Monday, February 07, 2011


Yes. This is me. Oh, the pictures my sister posts of me on Facebook..... but hey! I was much younger! That was like, a whole YEAR AGO!! I'm totally much more mature now!

Anyway, the comments were the things that cracked me up.
John Owen: Wow, you look dazzling.
Maya: Um... what were you doing there?
Some friend of my mom's: Throw in an eyepatch and you'll look like a pirate. ARGH!

Oh! Oh! On a totally unrelated note, THIS PERSON TOTALLY DESERVES A MEDAL, or something. Talk about a lot of hairdo's!!

And on another random note, check out this guy. He's a pretty good poet, and he reminds me of my friend Calvin. (Even though Calvin is totally not a poet. He likes to speak German to me when we're chatting via email.)

Also, finally, sorry for this very long, random blog entry. I'm still suffering from a fever, as well and a headache and the fact that I've only been eating [drinking :P] chocolate milk (best. stuff. ever.) and Ritz Crackers. (second best. stuff. ever.) I'm just about to die of boredom and sickness. And blasted snowdays. (I spent about 67% of my day trying to think of a single redeeming quality of snowdays. I couldn't think of one... guess that's what I get for being home schooled.)

Anyway, Good. Bye. I'm zipping the lip now. Seriously. I am.


Anonymous said...

You look stunning.

P.S. It'd be really cool if you just covered an entire wall, in a school or something, with paper and told people to draw hair styles on it. I bet you could cover a wall!

P.P.S. that guy has energy!

she came from planet z

Chloe said...

Why thank you.

And yes, that would really be awesome!! If I ever go to a school, I am soooo getting permission to do that. :)

And yes he does.....