Monday, August 23, 2010

Random conversation between a lot of dragons....

Hey guys! On, I'm writing a chain story with some other person. Just for fun, I wrote this random conversation between the good dragons in the story. They're conversing about one of my friend's stories. :D

Logee: Did you guys read Charlotte's newest chapter in "The New Beginning?"?

Groot: Yes I did. I think that Miss Smith has exceptional writin skills and that her latest installment in her delightful story was truly enjoyable and highly satisfactoy. My only gripe with the story is that the main antagonist takes the form of a dragon-

Trinity (head 2): Oh, be quiet, Groot.

Trinity (head 1): What I MEANT to say was, I read it and I really liked it.

Lekhrish: Ek het dit gelees het nie, duh! Ek kan nie lees nie Engels! Ek kan nog nie praat nie!
(rough translation: I have not read it, duh! I can not read English! I still can not even speak it!)

Logee: Oh, of COURSE you didn't read it, sorry, Lek. Did you read it, Geel?

Geel Oonramya: No way! I don't have time to sit around READING!!

Lekhrish: Julle is vir my so weird.
(rough translation: You guys are so weird.)

Trinity (head 2): You're one to talk.

Trinity (head 3): *bursts out laughing*

Trinity (head 1): What I MEANT to say is, Lek, well, you're weirder than the rest of us put toether! No offence, or anything.

Groot: Acctually, Trinity, I believe that your logic is somewhat flawed. I think that you will find that All of us combined would be infinitely weirder than-

Geel Oonramya: This is boring. I'm going to go do something cool.

Lekhrish: Amen, die suster.
(rough translation: Amen, sista.)

Trinity (head 3): *laughs hysterically*

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